Welcome to my blog!

MeSmallI live in Sedona, Arizona, after wandering around the world with my husband, a US Foreign Service Officer, for the past twenty-five years. We have finally come to roost in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I have many interests–gardening, writing stories, and working with fabric. In the past I have written many posts about my strange and wonderful experiences living in the developing world.

Now I have come home. And while I may still wander from time to time, my current passion is landscaping and gardening. I have always gardened where ever I have landed–Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America. This time, I will be trying my hand at gardening in the¬†arid Colorado¬†plateau.

Besides gardening, I have penned a few books and sewn many a quilt. These, too, may become the subject of this blog.